What Is The Best Coffee Type?

Coffee Types According to Preparations

The coffee varieties, which are prepared and tasted in many different ways throughout the world are prepared with Arabica, Robusta or the coffee obtained by blending these two cores. The way coffee is prepared is a very important factor on flavor. The milling thickness of the core as well as the preparation form is also very effective on flavor. For this reason, using the drawn core according to the preparation method is very important for us to get the best taste and enjoyment.

Coffee preparation methods

There are five basic techniques in preparing coffee. These techniques;

1- Instant coffee (instant coffee)

It is a method of mixing the coffee beans which are granulated by various methods with hot water. It is a method of preparation which is much cheaper and it is easy to prepare. Mostly in developing and underdeveloped countries, consumption is very high.

2- Espresso

It is an Italian preparation method. It is the technique of passing high temperature and small amount of water vapor through high pressure coffee beans. The amount of water used in this process is less than the amount of coffee used. Therefore, coffee obtained by this method is harder, more concentrated and stronger. The method of preparing espresso forms the basis of many different types of coffee consumed today.

3- Filter Coffee

It is a method of placing medium thicknessed coffee beans on a filter and passing hot water through the ground cores. When hot water passes through the ground kernels, the fatty acids in their structure carry the color and aroma substances together and the pulp remains on the filter. It is the most widely used preparation method in the US.

4- French Press

It is a method of preparation based on the medium-thick coffee beans being mixed with hot water in piston cups with a special strainer or filter. This method is applied in many cafes in our country. The aroma of the milled kernels, which are kept in hot water in special reciprocating or filtered reciprocating glasses goes into hot water in a short time. When the piston is pushed downwards, the pulp remains under the piston and the threadless liquid part remains at the top. The piston equipment used in this method is called French Press.

5- Turkish Coffee

It is a method of preparing coffee for our country and Middle East countries. The foundation is based on the Ottoman Empire. This form of preparation, which was started to be used in the Topkapi Palace in the time of Suleiman the Magnificent was later used in Middle East countries. Very thin drawn kernels are mixed with water and sugar and heated to a temperature close to boiling in a copper coffee pot. It is the only preparation method consumed with pulp when compared to other preparation techniques.